We are pleased to announce the launch of the professional e-sports/professional gaming team “GSG” based in Machida City at our gaming/cosplay photography studio “G Studio Machida.”

 The team’s goals, direction of contribution to the local community, and the origin of the team’s name, which reflects these thoughts, are explained by PRTimes. This page explains “why we are starting a professional team” from a business strategy point of view.

Lightscend Co., Ltd. Currently

 Lightscend Co., Ltd. is an interdisciplinary business company that offers a wide range of services, mainly in the IT and Web fields, as well as e-sports and gig-worker support businesses.


Lightscend Co., Ltd.)

Currently operating services are as follows:


Domain Hosting Web Service

  • Ultra Domains: https://www.ultra-domain.jp/
  • Reuse Domain: https://reusedomain.com/

Studio Management Business

  • G Studio Machida: https://gstudio1.com/
  • G Studio Daily BLOG: https://gstudiobros.com/
  • G studio Cosplay Club: https://twitter.com/GSTUDIO_cos
  • Machi Cos official HP: https://machicos.jp/ *Scheduled to be released in August

Gig Workers’ Labor and Rights Support Project

  • Gig Worker General Incorporated Association: https://gig.or.jp/
  • BACKORDER.JP: https://backorder.jp/


For more information on other services and future prospects, please see the following representative blog.

Talking about the next 5 years / Lightscend ‘s vision and Yuki Nakazawa’s dream


What is the direction of our business expansion?

We will expand our business by taking the knowledge we have gained from business and applying it to our daily lives, seeing opportunities in industries with growth potential, and adding a perspective of social contribution to the growth.


The Potential of Sports

 In recent years, the genre of “e-sports” has become widely recognized. Various professional e-sports teams have been formed, and corporate sponsorships are on the rise. In addition, national and local governments, led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Study Group on Measures to Invigorate e-Sports,” are actively promoting the genre.

 Under such circumstances, our company, which had been operating “G Studio Machida” since 2021, began to find business traction with our technical knowledge of the Web and telecommunications, and we also wanted to play a role in the development of the e-sports world, and by extension, the Japanese economy.


 Therefore, we have decided to launch a professional team that will be a symbol of the following strategies and of the desire to win in order to realize them.


The aim of the “GSG” professional e-sports team

The following is a quote from my post to G Studio Machida.


Improvement of the e-sports environment (distribution technology/V-SEO/player support)


 Lightscend Co., Ltd., the operator of GSG and G-Studio Machida, started out as a web server and domain hosting company. The company is also involved in the promotion of the e-sports business from a technical perspective, including network facilities that make distribution and live broadcasting more comfortable and revenue opportunities through YouTube and other sites through V-SEO.


 We also provide managed educational programs and efficient training for athletes. In addition, we will assist in revenue activities by actively building bridges with various sponsors and supporting companies. We will strive to form sound sponsorships that allow players to genuinely aim for victory.


≪Lightscend Co., Ltd. ≫

■Ultra domain: https://www.ultra-domain.jp/

■Reuse domain: https://reusedomain.com/

Promotion of cross-industry exchange (economic revitalization/new encounters)

 The bridging of sponsors and sponsorships mentioned above will give companies and organizations that have no connection to e-sports a chance to enter the market. GSG has high expectations for the economic revitalization that will come from cross-industry exchange.

 “Exchange” is not just about business, as GSG’s G-Studio Machida location is also a great advantage for players and spectators alike. By creating a place where people can meet others who share the same goals, we will realize one of the studio’s themes: “Let’s share and experience.”

■G Studio Machida:https://gstudio1.com/


Regional Revitalization through Education and Lifespan Creation (Sports Education / Health and Lifespan Creation)

≪Educational Aspects of e-Sports≫

 We are considering improving the status of e-sports as an educational tool that enables training in strategy building, resourceful response, and logical thinking training, as well as lessons such as soccer, which stimulate the brain from an early age.

 The development of AI technology has led to the automation of various tasks, regardless of industry. As this trend gains momentum, irreplaceable human resources are those who “make full use of AI” with a clear will and ability to think, rather than those who “receive instructions from AI.” We believe that education through e-sports will help develop such human resources.

≪E-Sports for the Elderly≫

 We see a role with e-sports for the elderly as a “lifelong sport.” Some may have the impression that games are bad for one’s eyesight/health because they do not involve physical activity, but we do not believe that this is the case.

 Games that are linked to physical movement are increasing in number. There is also a lot of communication between players in games. Now that in-home living has become a habit with the Corona virus, we believe that e-sports can play a part in promoting health and giving motivation for living, and ultimately, increased community activities, with continuing focus on positive aspects.



 Through the above activities, G-Studio will grow to become a center for disseminating information and possibilities of e-sports.

 This is the background behind our recent establishment of the professional e-sports team “GSG” based in G-Studio Machida.

 We look forward to your continued support of Lightscend Co., Ltd. And please follow us into the future of GSG and G Studio Machida.