Greetings from the CEO


Nakazawa Trading is an IT consulting company founded in 2013, featuring a strong domain and hosting business centered on IP distributed servers as its core competency.
We conduct business development that makes the most of technological innovation and marketing know-how.
Meanwhile, we are developing our SEO business and trademark registration service (TMCH) globally.

Yuki Nakazawa, CEO




Making IT more accessible in our lives

Branding and attracting customers via the Internet in global markets has become commonplace, and securing a unique domain is now an essential process for companies.
We, as a challenger in this evolving internet society, maximise the benefit of our advantageous position to provide our clients accessible consulting and a broad array of IT services.

As a provider of unwavering value

We provide top-class domain services in Japan by collaborating exclusively with several registration management organizations. Meanwhile, our integration of hosting and SEO business lines has established a unique positioning for us in the market.

In the future, with the addition of a trademark registration service business (TMCH), we will continue our pioneering positioning in the Japanese domain industry.
We will continue to develop our activities to build our services as a whole and ask for your continued support as we keep an eye on future trends.

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